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50 cal Bluetooth speaker



Our handcrafted Bluetooth speakers are built from a real ammo can from the United States Military. Featuring a 90 watt Bluetooth amplifier pushed two kicker 150-watt speakers. Enjoy crisp, clear, powerful sound with no distortion at maximum volume. Whether you’re camping in the outdoors, hosting a party, cooking in the kitchen, laying in bed or hanging out, music is necessary. Through our Military heritage, Charlie Mike’s has designed a speaker that represents our lifestyle and culture. Built into a real ammo can, the durability and lifetime is unmatched.

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Fully rechargeable. An Interstate 12-volt 8-ah battery provides power for up to 20 hours of use before recharge is necessary.

Water proof, weather proof, and built for every element. We rely on both an outer and inner shell for protection, along with an anti-slip rubber construction.

Get more with sound. Featuring two 150 watt speakers. No distortion at max volume. Amplifier has bass, treble, and volume adjustment.

Utilize two USB ports and a cigarette lighter. Use it also as a battery box to charge your phone, i-pods, and other devices.

Speaker box also features a power plate, equipped with on/off switch, voltage meter, 2 USB ports and a cigarette lighter port.

Make a connection with any smart phone. It’s easy with Bluetooth pairing. Connect, and play from your phone!

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Size and Weight

Length: 12′ x 6″ x 8″
Weight: 14 lbs.

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